Is your vehicle pulling to the right or left? Squealing while turning?? Becoming difficult to turn or delivering a bumpy ride??

A properly maintained suspension in your vehicle allows you to drive straight, turn and brake safely, and reduces the bumps, vibrations, and noise from the road. Your car or truck’s suspension system and steering system is an intricate network of parts designed to give you a smooth, stable ride. Any play or uncontrolled motion in these systems results in alignment issues, handling deterioration and accelerated tire wear – all affecting your vehicle’s suspension system. You can trust the experts at Fountaindale Auto Center in Middletown near Frederick, MD to inspect and repair all aspects of your vehicle’s suspension system.

  • Inspection / Diagnosis
  • Alignment
  • Shocks / Struts
  • Tires / Wheels
  • Ball Joints
  • Leaf Springs
  • Coil Springs
  • Control Arms
Front axle with suspension and absorber.